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File a Claim

Please provide the following information to send a request for processing or inquiring on a claim.

Be sure to provide all the valid information.

Your Information

Truck Company Information

Truck Driver Information

Truck Company Vehicle Information

Other Information

Documentation Upload

Please provide the necessary documentation to ensure the claim is processed quickly and efficiently. If you are filing on behalf of a trucking company for a breakdown claim, please provide the documentation for that, as well.


By submitting, I agree:

  1. Authorized Representation: I confirm I am authorized to represent the entity named in 'Insured Name'. Impersonation is illegal and punishable.

  2. Claim Processing: The claim is provisional until written confirmation from my agent or insurance company.

  3. Non-Immediate Effect: Submission doesn't ensure immediate processing or approval of the claim.

  4. Resolution of Ambiguities: Any ambiguities or questions will be resolved by a Roadways Commercial Insurance Representative.

Thank you for your submission!
We will get back to you shortly via e-mail.

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